Discover My Secret Turnkey System To Quickly Energize and Engage Your Workforce...
Without Ever Having To Create New Strategies!
What If You Could Ditch the excessive planning, Developing, large budgets and needless logistics... And Have Someone Else Do It All For You...
If you're an employer and you're having issues with employee engagement and want to automate and boost your workforce productivity, without the constant daily effort of creating new systems...

Then this will be one of the most important articles you read in 2021...

Tell me... can you answer "YES" to any of the questions below?
 Are you struggling to come up with quarterly employee engagement and benefit promotion ideas for your organization?
 Are you tired of having to juggle multiple deadlines & job tasks related to employee workplace promotions?
 Do you wish there was a way to quickly automate employee engagement programs that could energize and motivate your employees during their workday?
If you answered "yes" then keep reading...

The truth is...

You're not alone!

Engaging your employees, whilst giving them the drive to work harder for YOU, has become an ever more difficult task in 2021.

Everything is stacked against you!

And the current climate is only making your workforce more and more DEMOTIVATED...

It's NOT Your Fault
If Your Workforce Is Lacking
Motivation and Productivity...

Right now most employers like you, are struggling with a huge host of issues in the workplace.

Here are just a few of the roadblocks you're facing:
  • Helping employees feel emotionally fulfilled and connected and happy at work.
  • Knowing that your teams are facing real challenges with resiliency and productivity given the health, economic and social climate we find ourselves in right now.
  • Assisting them in finding a sense of responsibility towards their goals and aspirations.
  • A limited budget and resources while leadership wants to see a new program for engagement yesterday!
  • Improving employees’ satisfaction with the company culture and their own commitment to work.
  • Supporting employees who are experiencing zoom fatigue, meeting overload and quarantine isolation.
Do I need to go on?

So, Why Is My Workforce Asleep?
And What Can I Do About It?
I'll Let You In On a Little-Known Fact...

Hi, My name's Fran Dean-Bishop...

And for over 20 years now, I've been working as a workforce engagement and wellbeing strategist.

As CEO of Aerobodies Inc. (delivering health and wellness), my team and I have assisted over 200,000 employees with wellbeing and engagement programs, helping them thrive and breakthrough stress, low-productivity and disconnect in the workplace.

And after many client inquiries pushing me to share my strategies, I came up with the idea for my new secret system...

The thing is...

With the increased situational stress, the pandemic…the economy…and increased isolation in the virtual - current environment, employees are struggling…

And keeping it real…

Most managers, teams and employers are all scrambling to manage the lack of wellbeing and resiliency…

Not most of all, mental health concerns… caused by pandemic and the numerous stressful situations from daily routines.

A recent survey showed that 72% of American employees felt their work-life was negatively affected due to stress, fear and anxiety of the pandemic.

Simply put, all of us could use an immediate, turnkey employee engagement solution and a strategy that you would help support and engage employees...

No matter if the organizations are global, medium size or small businesses.
But what if there was a better way? What if you could never run out of employee engagement strategies and automate these strategies on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis... Without any effort on your part...
So, I asked myself two questions:
“How can I help managers improve engagement and communication with their teams and employees faster and more effectively and how can I help them increase the connection and resiliency of their employees… in 14 days or less… especially right now when so many people need it the most?”
...I didn’t ask “How can I help them build a sustainable workforce?” That can take a few months.

...I didn’t ask “How can I help them launch a full-blown employee wellbeing program?” That can take a few weeks.


I asked, “How can I help managers see significant engagement and impact resiliency and in the shortest amount of time?”

I mulled it over, then I circled back to what I know best...

A strategy I've been using for YEARS...

A strategy to create employee engagement that is panic-proof (and pandemic-proof) so an organization—any type of organization—can survive and thrive.

Fast... SUPER fast.

Like, less-than-fourteen-days-and-it’s-turn-the-key-DONE fast.

That's exactly why I created Workforce WakeUp because I wanted to help you energize and re-engage your people and organization's culture in a quick, efficient and inexpensive way.
And NOW, I want to hand this system on a silver platter to YOU!

Introducing The Done-For-You System:

The strategy I teach inside Workforce WakeUp™ system is the same one my team and I have used to capture, launch, and inspire hundreds of thousands of employees. In 5 different countries, countless cities for over 100 different employers.

It’s the same strategy I used to motivate, empower, engage, and connect workforces with less that 50 employees and companies and organizations with over 25,000 employees quickly… in 14 days or less.

(Which paved the way to our 20-year award-winning business serving global brands throughout the US and internationally.)

It's the same strategy that so many of our current customers use every day…no matter what month, day, or season.

What If You could open your inbox and have
a done-for-you employee engagement system ready to roll out, complete with templates, videos, guides and instructions!

Imagine if...
Your organization and leadership were singing your praises for creating a creative and exciting engagement program that employees just couldn’t stop talking about and were begging to join!
Employees, teams and managers throughout your organization began connecting authentically and organically because of the program YOU created!
Your business culture, profits and productivity started scoring motivating employees improving productivity, retention and customer satisfaction.
You had a stampede of new great candidates for your open positions because of the buzz your employee engagement and benefit programs created.
  • Done-for-you-test Toolkit
  • Ready-to-Roll Engagement Resource Planner
  • Savvy Stakeholder Survey Plan
  • Logistics Layout and Seasonal Scheduler
  • Proven & Powerful Employee Engagement Energizers
  • Mindset & Mindfulness Methodology

Here's what you'll get inside Workforce WakeUp™

How you can immediately energize your employees, managers, and teams with Workforce WakeUp™ - super-simple turnkey engagement offerings that your employees won’t be able to resist! Using our "Engagement Energizers" and programming matrices. Just that catchphrase alone (and our matrices!) are worth the entire cost of Workforce WakeUp™
How to hit the bullseye and have a flawless kickoff with each Workforce WakeUp™ engagement energizer and create a real buzz that gets your employees engaging each other in your workplace culture rather than you are doing all the work. Stand batch and watch the powerful energy as your workplace wakes up!
How to execute each engagement energizer within the Workforce WakeUp™ system - Tech tutorials, templates, game plan strategy and resource sheets and logistics plans ALL included to make genuine, organic, authentic engagement among your employees a true reality. No fancy tech skills needed! We've got you covered with all the digital know-how you need.
How to create your announcements and messaging using your Workforce WakeUp™ - Get your employees excited, energized, and motivated to get involved in the energizer engagement offerings—even if you have zero list and zero budget to spend. We’ve got you. No problem!
How to gain buy-in and support from leadership and other influencers in your organization. Our Workforce WakeUp™ VIP Advisory System gives you the upside advantage. Captivate the interest of key stakeholders throughout your company not only begging to participate but the icing on the cake—inspire and encourage other key leaders and their teams to get involved and engaged…. helping your engagement offerings go viral!
You'll get quick start templates complete with introductory videos, tutorials and templates my team and I have used to motivate and engage some of the largest employee workforces in the world including Microsoft, Coca Cola, USDA, FINRA, and The Washington Post and the multiple federal agencies just to name a few.
 What's More...
When You Act Now You'll Get These Amazing BONUS Gifts!
Bonus #1 - VIP Team
Everyone needs a support squad! As a bonus to you we'll help you create your own VIP Team. You'll learn to gain buy-in and support from leadership and other influencers in your organization. Our Workforce WakeUp™ VIP Advisory System gives you the upside advantage. Captivate the interest of key stakeholders throughout your company not only begging to participate but the icing on the cake - inspire and encourage other key leaders and their their teams to get involved and engaged... helping your engagement offerings go viral!
Bonus #2 - Mindset Reset
Wouldn't you love to have the inside scoop on how some to the biggest brands around attract great talent and keep them happy, excited and engaged about their mission? As a special bonus to you, I'm sharing a mindfulness mindset training we use to reset our team leads as we roll out new engagement experiences to some of the largest employee workforces in the world including Microsoft, Booz Allen, Dasani, USDA, FINRA, and The Washington Post and the loads of federal agencies just to name a few.
The Complete Done-For-You System!
So if you're ready to put your year long employee engagement in place and on autopilot then step up and get instant access at a huge discount now.
Get Instant Access Today!
Was $997 Now Only $147
And just in case you’re feeling a little gun shy about pulling the trigger….

I want to give you your own personal motivational video vignette that you can watch alone or share with your team to give you the fierce fire and inspiration you need to put your Workplace WakeUp™ system into immediate action. I get it...

As a manager you wear a lot of hats — leader, motivator, mentor, counselor, advisor, administrator — I know they should pay you more.

So, finding the time to build, plan, design and implement engagement strategies and programs is not necessarily the first thing on your list today. But it still needs to get done.

You definitely need Workforce WakeUp™ then!

And did I mention that you can launch your Workforce wakeUp system in less than a week?

Yep. This formula is fast.

Turnkey templates? Check.

Tools & Resources? Check.

Stakeholder & Logistics Toolkit? Check.

And a proven formula to make it happen in 7 days or less? Check…check…check.

Sure, 14 days if you’re binge watching on Netflix during your workday — shhhhh I won’t tell. 😉

see What Others Are Saying About Workforce WakeUp™

“These programs have been outstanding! They go beyond to accommodate a demanding workforce of active duty and civilian personnel and deliver outstanding services."
Matt, Senior Program Manager, Virginia
“Platform is easy to use and organized. They were excited to participate in our live classes and On Demand library. Would recommend platform to friends and family, and liked variety of exercise categories”
Aida, Georgia
“Our KPIs have surged! Our managers are actually talking to one another, following up and initiating communication and process improvement programs.
Sherena, Sr. Manager, Washington DC
“Fran and her team provided excellent communication to our organization throughout the program rollout. Our employees were excited and experienced great results with this training program.”
Christine, Human Resources Manager, Maryland
“Our organization is delighted to have your team providing our engagement programs. They have been easy to work with and we look forward to working with them in the coming years."
Tom, Senior Contracting Official, Idaho
”Why wouldn't you take advantage of this program, there is no downside!”
David, Canada
“Love the variety of options ranging from classes you can schedule or on-demand videos that can be watched based on your schedule. Platform looked streamlined and very descriptive. Felt excited to try all live classes, and view the On Demand library. I liked the variety of classes, great quality of videos in the library, would recommend to friends and family, and would continue after the free trial is done”
Kimberly, Maryland
“The program was well organized and I would definitely recommend the program."
Jane, New Jersey
Was $997 Now Only $147
You Might Be Asking Yourself...
 What if I'm not used to motivating others?
Guess what....many of our clients aren't! And you don't need to be. We've got all that covered for you in each engagement energizing experience in the Workforce WakeUp System. We've laid out each template and tutorial in an easy to follow structure with al the logistics - all you have to do cut, paste and send!
 What if I'm too busy...I've already got my hands full with reports, hiring, training...and barely have time to eat lunch?!
Guess what....many of our clients aren't! And you don't need to be. We've got all that covered for you in each engagement energizing experience in the Workforce WakeUp System. We've laid out each template and tutorial in an easy to follow structure with al the logistics - all you have to do cut, paste and send!
 Do my employees need a physical space to participate?
Guess what....many of our clients aren't! And you don't need to be. We've got all that covered for you in each engagement energizing experience in the Workforce WakeUp System. We've laid out each template and tutorial in an easy to follow structure with al the logistics - all you have to do cut, paste and send!
 Am I the right person in my organization to roll this out?
BINGO! That's the beauty of Workforce WakeUp™. We created this system with managers, team leads and business owners in mind. So whether your workforce is 5 people or 25,000 people you can implement the engagement experiences and put it on autopilot!
 When does this start? When do I get access to everything?
It starts as soon as you join? This is self-paced, instant access, so all you have to do is sign up and you'll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes. So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Just do't wait til next it now!
 What if I need more than this?
We hear that from clients from time to time. No problem. We are an experienced seasoned team of engagement experts. We're here for you and can answer any additional questions once you purchase.
But you'll see how quick and easy it is to implement. The only question you might have is what else have you got for me? Don't worry we've got more where this comes from!
So what are you waiting for?

The Workforce WakeUp formula works for any type of organization - private company - global enterprise or local, state or federal agency with a distributed, virtual workforce, no matter the size!

If you're looking for a quick turnkey solution for your employee engagement, employee wellness or recruitment and retention, I've got you covered.

Better yet, if you're looking to discover how to design an employee engagement strategy that quickly turns burnout, stressed out, absenteeism into a resilient, connected, energized workforce in as little as 14 days, I've got you MORE than covered.

Workforce WakeUp is a simple - turnkey system that puts your employee engagement on steroids to immediately energize and excite your workforce into action.

I'm going to show you the framework and structure my team and I have used and perfected to launch, design and create high-impact engagement for global organizations of 500, 5000 and even 50,000 employees.

I'm sharing with you strategies I've never shared in any other programs scorecards or systems.
And I'm sharing all of this right NOW because I want your employees to simply survive...
I want you and your employees to THRIVE

And they can...

If you energize your employees with Workforce WakeUp.
Try saying that TEN TIMES fast.


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To your success!

Fran Dean-Bishop
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